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Television broadcasting

A publisher who wants to disseminate their programming via digital broadcasting must first obtain a license to do so (i.e. a digital license) in an individual geographical area, allowing them to digitally disseminate their programming over the network and in the area for which the license was given.

In accordance with Article 104 of the Media Act the license to disseminate in the digital broadcasting is awarded by the Agency after a completed public tender, while taking into account the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act. The conditions and the measures for selecting providers are defined by the Agency with the approval of the Broadcasting Council. The public tender is launched with a decision published in the Official Gazette of RS, while the Agency also publishes on its website the tender documentation. The public tender procedure is administered by a special impartial commission appointed by the Agency's Director, while the Broadcasting Council gives a detailed recommendation for selection after reviewing the tenders and the commission's report. The Agency then awards the license for dissemination for the area under tender with a decision issued in an administrative procedure.

The current and the past public tenders for obtaining a license to disseminate television programming via digital broadcasting are available on this link.

Publishers who are interested in obtaining the license, can also submit a proposal to the Agency for holding a public tender. Besides the interest of the publishers, the Agency must also take into account the available capacities when holding the public tender.

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