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Public railway infrastructure

Railway infrastructure encompasses stable, artificially constructed objects and devices intended for the efficient provision of railway transport. Railway infrastructure includes the whole network of railway tracks with their upper and lower structure and accompanying objects, such as bridges, culverts, tunnels and viaducts, signalling-safety devices and electricity filling stations and railway stations, stops, devices for arranging trains, shunting yards, devices for fuel supply, and other devices for the preparation and maintenance of railway vehicles.

In Slovenia the railway infrastructure is state-owned, and is therefore treated as public railway infrastructure. The administrator of the public railway infrastructure is Slovenske železnice – Infrastruktura, d.o.o, which has a contract with the Republic of Slovenia for the maintenance and management of the public railway infrastructure and a contract for managing traffic thereon. In Slovenia public railway infrastructure encompasses the entire network of railway tracks, including the above-listed objects and devices, except for the railway infrastructure at terminals.

The public railway infrastructure network of the Republic of Slovenia encompasses 615 km of main and 593 km of regional tracks. The main tracks on the Slovenian public railway infrastructure are:

  • the E 65 track: state border-Jesenice-Ljubljana-Pivka-Ilirska Bistrica-state border,
  • the E 67 track: Zidani most-Maribor-Šentilj-state border,
  • the E 69 track: state border-Središče ob Dravi-Pragersko-Zidani most-Ljubljana-Divača-Koper passenger-bifurcation Bivje-Koper freight,
  • the E 70 track: state border-Dobova-Ljubljana-Sežana-state border, and
  • the T 69 track: Ormož-Murska Sobota-Hodoš-state border.

Most of the main tracks are double. The track on the Koper-Divača lane on the route of Corridor V and on the lane state border with Austria-Jesenice-Ljubljana of Corridor X are single tracks.

The total length of the tracks on the public railway infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia is 1,208 km, of which 874 km are single tracks and 334 km are double tracks.

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