Passenger rights in rail transport

The rights and obligations of passengers in railway traffic are detailed by the European Regulation (ES) no. 1371/2007, which also defines the rights and obligations of passengers and carriers related to:

  • providing appropriate information in the event of a delay or train cancellation,
  • reimbursement of the price of the ticket or trip cancellation in the event of a train delay,
  • compensation for lost or damaged luggage,
  • protection and support for handicapped people or people with limited mobility,
  • defining and monitoring quality standards, risk management related to passenger personal safety, and
  • dispute resolution.

If your rights from this regulation were violated, you have the right to address a complaint to the carrier you purchased your ticket from or any carrier that took part of the transport. All the required information is available on the website of Slovenian Railways, and information related to passenger rights are also available on the website of the European Union.

If you are not satisfied with how your claim was handled or if the carrier fails to respond within the deadline, you can submit a complaint to the Agency.

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