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Emergency call numbers

Emergency call numbers include the single European emergency call number 112, the number for police 113, the single European number for reporting missing children 116 000, and all other numbers as defined in the national numbering plan.

112 – the single European emergency number

The single European emergency number 112 can be called toll-free from any fixed, mobile, or public phone in any EU country. It provides a direct connection with emergency services – police, medical responders, or firefighters.

EU member countries also use national emergency call numbers besides 112. However, 112 is the only number that you can call in all EU countries in an emergency. The number is also used in some non-EU countries, for example in Switzerland and South Africa.

On 11 February the EU marks European 112 Day, which raises awareness of safety and correct actions in the event of accidents or disasters. The number 112 can be called toll-free in any EU country since 1991.

113 – the national emergency number

Citizen can use the police number 113 in emergencies that require an intervention. One of the main tasks of the operations and communications centres of police administrations is to manage and support police units’ responses on scene, which in most cases result from a call to the emergency number 113. This number has existed since 1997, when it replaced the previous number 92.

116 – the numbers for services of social importance

The 116 numbers are used for five different toll-free European telephone numbers for helping adults and children in trouble across most European Union countries (although not all have activated them yet).

These numbers provide access to the local assistance services:

  • 116 000 – for missing children,
  • 116 111 – for helping children,
  • 116 123 – for helping people in a mental distress,
  • 116 006 – for helping victims of violent crime, and
  • 116 117 – for non-emergency medical assistance.

In Slovenia the following numbers are currently active:

  • 116 000 – missing children hotline (assigned to Ministry of the Interior, Police, Štefanova ulica 1, 1501 Ljubljana,
  • 116 111 – child helpline (assigned to the Friends of the Youth Association of Slovenia, Miklošičeva cesta 16, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia) and
  • 116 123 – emotional support helpline (Association of Slovenian Helpline Advisers for Mental Distress, Kocenova ulica 4, SI-1000 Celje, Slovenia).
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