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Operator registration

A legal entity that wants to become an operator in accordance with the General act on the content and format of the notice on providing public communication networks or providing public communication services must fill out the form declaring intent to provide public communication networks or public communication services. The form should include a brief description of public communication networks, the method of providing services and an attached simple sketch of the networks, network elements and connections. The form must be signed by the company's legal representative or their authorized person. If the form is signed by an authorized person, the original authorization of the legal representative must be attached. If the declaration is incomplete, the Agency calls on the party to amend it appropriately.

If a company that does is not registered in Slovenia wants to become an operator, it has two options:

  • establish a subsidiary that is registered in Slovenia, or
  • visits the applicable tax body in Slovenia and fills out the form DR-04 for the field in which it wants to provide services, to be entered into the Slovenian Tax Registry, and obtain a Slovenian tax number. More information on this topic is available on the website of the Ministry of Finance and Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

Within seven days of receiving a complete notification with all the required data and statements the Agency enters the operator into the official registry and sends them a confirmation of entry.

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