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Universal service

Universal service is a group of telecommunications services that is available at affordable prices to all end users in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia at the location of their permanent residence, regardless of their geographic location.

Universal service includes the following services:

  • connection to the public communication network and access to the publicly available telephone services at a fixed location,
  • access to data communication with a transfer speed suitable for a functional internet access at a fixed location,
  • access to a universal telephone directory and a universal service for providing information about subscribers,
  • public telephone booth and
  • measures for disabled end users, those with special needs, or those with low income.

The objective of the universal service is to prevent digital exclusion. Universal service is intended as a safety net for users who cannot obtain services at affordable prices on the market.

Universal service is required in the Electronic Communications Act which completely follows the European Union legislation in this area. Individual services are provided by providers who are selected in a procedure, as required by the Electronic Communications Act. The procedures are managed by the Agency, which conducts market analyses and holds public consultations to prepare the measures and appoint the providers. The procedure is repeated every five years, ensuring that the universal service adapts to the needs of the people and market conditions. The Agency may also decide not to appoint a provider for an individual service.

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