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Numbering space

How to obtain numbering elements (numbers)?

Numbering elements are awarded with a decision, based on a completed general administrative procedure. The application is submitted in accordance with the General act on the content and format of the application for issuing a decision on assigning numbering elements using the eVloge (E-Application) portal or on paper using the required form. The application can only be submitted by the operator of the service for which it requests the numbering elements, while another natural or legal person can only do so if they can prove that they require numbering elements for an activity that is in the public interest.

The application for assigning numbering elements must include:

  • full name, address, and tax number for natural persons,
  • company name, seat, tax number, and the legal representative for legal persons,
  • proof that the applicant is entitled to being assigned numbering elements,
  • data on the type, amount and purpose of using requested numbering elements,
  • the project that includes the plan on the estimate of the requirements for the next three years if the applicant requests a large numbering block and
  • substantiated support with which the applicant proves that the assigned amount of numbering elements will be used within three years, and the data about what share of previously assigned numbering elements of the requested type are already in use (active).

The Agency issues a decision on assigning numbering elements within 21 days of receiving a complete application.

Managing numbering space

The Agency adopts the numbering plan with a general act, defining the type, length, constitution, and purpose of using numbering elements, including emergency numbers and the numbers that are coordinated based on EU regulations, and must also support number portability and the introduction of new electronic communications services.

The Agency publishes data on assigned number or numbering blocks:

  • number or numbering block,
  • the holder of the number or the numbering block.

The data is available in the numbering space registry.

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