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AKOS council

The AKOS Council is a body of the Agency established by ZEKom-1. His responsibilities are:

  • adoption of its rules of procedure,
  • adoption of the work program and financial plan and the annual report of the Agency,
  • monitoring the implementation of the Agency's work program and financial plan,
  • giving consent to the statutes adopted by the director of the agency,
  • proposing the dismissal of the Director of the Agency,
  • proposing a temporary ban on the performance of the Director's duties,
  • proposing the early dismissal of members of the Agency's Council.

The operation of the AKOS Council is defined by Articles 174 to 180 of ZEKom-1.

The members of the council are:

  • Luka Dekleva, President of the Council
  • Marjan Turk, Deputy President of the Council,
  • dr. Uroš Svete and
  • mag. Matej Mencej.


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