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Resolving user disputes

Resolving user disputes

One of the Agency's important tasks is protecting the rights of electronic communications and postal services users. In limited areas the Agency resolves user disputes. Dispute resolution at the Agency is conducted free of charge.

All end users have the right to appeal against the decisions or actions of operators of electronic communications that relate to access to services, provision, and billing. All end users also have the right to appeal against a decision made or action taken by a provider of postal services related to access to and provision of service.

When can you turn to the Agency?

You may turn to the Agency if you have issues with accessing electronic communications services or if your services are disrupted or unavailable; if you believe the operator has incorrectly charged you for services; if you have trouble accessing your postal services or if there are problems with the provision of these services. Before that you must first file a complaint with your operator/postal service provider, who is obligated to respond to your complaint within 15 days.

If you do not receive a response from your operator/postal service provider or you are not satisfied with their decision, you may submit a request for conflict resolution with the Agency within 15 or 30 days. The instructions on how to submit a request are available here.

Call Centre (080 2735)

The Call Centre provides support to end users of electronic communications services. It operates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9 AM and 11 AM. It is available at 080 2735, and the call is toll-free. The Call Centre provides information regarding dispute resolution procedures. You may also turn to the Call Centre if you have already submitted a dispute to the Agency and are wondering how far the resolution process has gone. You will be provided with details on your specific dispute resolution case by the official handling the case.

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