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Price regulation

The prices and fees for the services that fall under the range of the universal service must be:

  • affordable and also enable all users to access the available services, regardless of their geographical position,
  • cost-based, whereby they must encourage efficient provision of the universal service,
  • offering the same types of services on the whole territory of the Republic of Slovenia, and
  • transparent and non-discriminatory.


The procedure for changing the prices

Before changing the prices of the universal service, the universal service provider must first obtain approval from the Agency. It must publish the prices on its website and in its premises at least 7 days before they are implemented. Before issuing approval the Agency must verify whether the proposed prices are in accordance with the principles of transparency, non-discrimination, and ensuring competition, and that they are formed in accordance with Article 35 of ZPSto-2, which details the price of the universal service.

The Agency must verify the proposal for changes to the prices and issue a decision within 30 days of receiving the proposal. It has the option of extending said deadline by 15 days if it requires additional data and calculations.

Between 2011 and 2019 the Agency approved the proposals from the universal service provider Pošta Slovenije, d.o.o., to change the prices of the universal service in domestic and cross-border traffic, as the following two tables show.

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